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“It is difficult to serve someone and meet their needs without understanding who they are. This is exactly what MCORE helps us to do: discover who people really are so we can create fitness to activate the best in them and magnify the good in them.”

David Jack

Fitness Expert

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In business or nonprofit work, two of the most important leadership skills are connecting with people, and helping teams thrive. Dr. Todd Hall has developed a remarkable program for helping you engage with your team, and inspire them to accomplish amazing things.

Phil Cooke


connection culture E-COURSE

A Proven Path to Elevate Engagement and Performance

Only 30 percent employees are engaged in the average organization. In a Connection Culture this number can double leading to sustained superior performance. In this course, you’ll get actionable insights to develop a Connection Culture that increases employee engagement, productivity, and innovation.

What you’ll LEARN:

The Connection Culture model: Vision, Value, & Voice

  • Communicate an inspiring vision that creates a shared identity
  • Promote value that leads to shared empathy
  • Give people a voice that fosters a shared understanding
  • Develop the character strengths to create a positive impact


5 Practices from Neuroscience to Promote High Trust in Your Work

Oxytocin is known as the "trust chemical." Through social neuroscience we've learned more about the behaviors that promote trust, and the benefits for an organization. A recent article by Paul Zak from Claremont Graduate University offers an overview how to develop a high-trust organization. In this post you'll learn about the "trust chemical" and 5 practices to promote trust in your own work.

April 6, 2018

The Human Connection Behind Morality: 4 practices to build your moral compass

Some say intense pressure for results caused Volkswagen to install software that covered up diesel emissions during testing by the EPA. This raises the issue of how we make moral choices when under pressure. When under pressure, we sometimes lose connection to our moral compass and to its source: our attachment figures. However, it’s possible to build our moral compass and safeguard ourselves against moral drift in pressure-filled moments. In this post, you'll learn four practices to build your moral compass.

October 5, 2017

If You Want to Find Meaning, Develop Eulogy Virtues

Society pressures us to strive for what David Brooks calls "resume virtues"--external success. This works in the short run, but often leaves us feeling empty. What we need to develop to find meaning in life is eulogy virtues--the virtues that lead to a life well lived. In this post, you'll learn four practices to develop eulogy virtues.

September 4, 2016