Hi there! I'm Todd Hall and I help high-achieving professionals
develop meaningful work and relationships

As an influencer, you want to make a difference in people’s lives, yet competing demands and distractions too often leave you feeling disconnected from the work you love and the people you serve. You’re not alone.

One of the biggest challenges facing every professional, leader, entrepreneur, and global brand is understanding how to create and sustain positive social connections.  The focus of my work is helping high-achieving professionals develop meaningful work and relationships by cultivating connection.  

As co-founder and Chief Scientist for Connection Culture Group, I’ve had the privilege of working with leading global brands, helping them to elevate performance by increasing connection and employee engagement.  

In 2013, I co-developed the MCORE assessment of core motivation. Based on 50 years of empirical research on SIMA® (System for Identifying Motivated Abilities), MCORE is a powerful assessment tool that combines stories and quantitative science to help people discover their unique motivations and gain a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment in life and work. We’ve trained hundreds of facilitators to use MCORE in a coaching context, and helped numerous organizations in multiple industries improve teamwork and collaboration.   

I recently co-developed the Connection Culture Inventory, a state-of-the-art assessment of organizational culture.  The CCI measures three kinds of cultures we’ve identified in our research and helps team develop a customized action plan to create a Connection Culture. 

We’re currently developing the Connection Culture Online Workshop, a six-week program designed from the ground up to promote transformational learning.  Individuals connect with like-minded colleagues and peers, and experience a blend of practical online content and live coaching calls.  Our goal is to help professionals and leaders increase engagement and performance by building a culture of connection within their sphere of influence. We’re excited about this project as we believe there is a huge need to address increasing levels of loneliness and disconnection in our lives and organizations. You can learn more about how to participate here.   

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I write about connection in work and life.  In other words, I write about how relationships can help you grow as a person and leader, and help your team become more engaged and effective.

The central questions that drive my work are:

• How do we develop positive relationships that create energy, meaning, and fulfillment in life and work?

•  How do we create cultures of connection in our organizations?

•  How do we discover what uniquely motivates us, and make our greatest contribution?

In my quest to answer these questions, I draw on the latest scientific research, inspiring stories of exemplars, and my 25 years of experience as a psychotherapist and coach. 

I’m a contributor for The Human Capital Institute, Execunet.comThe Association for Talent Development and ConnectionCulture.com.  My work has also been featured by Entrepreneur.com and AppreciatonatWork.com.

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As a welcome gift for joining, I'll send you my free MCORE quiz so you can discover your #1 motivation, and elevate performance and meaning in your work and relationships.


My interest in social connection from a young age was confirmed and developed in studying clinical psychology in graduate school.  After spending well over the proverbial 10,000 hours doing therapy and coaching, and studying and conducting research on attachment, I'm more convinced that relationships are the key to thriving in life and work.  

I first became interested in leadership when I was on active duty in the Army working as a clinical psychologist.  As a 26 year-old Captain, I was “thrown in the deep end” as Chief of the mental health clinic, which was tasked with providing mental health services to 15,000 soldiers.  I quickly learned that the rank on your sleeve doesn’t earn the trust you need to lead effectively, and that authentic relationships and personal authority do.

Since my Army days, I’ve spent the past 20+ years doing therapy, coaching and consulting with leaders and organizations, teaching graduate psychology students, developing assessment tools, and conducting research on attachment, leadership, organizational culture, and motivation.  In the process, my interests in social connection, motivation, well-being, and leadership have come together.  I count it a privilege to help people develop meaningful work and relationships.

I’m a licensed psychologist in California, Chief Scientist for the Connection Culture Group, and professor of psychology at Biola University in Los Angeles. I have a PhD in clinical psychology from Biola University and a doctoral specialization in measurement and psychometrics from UCLA.  My wife, Liz, and I have two sons (one in high school, one in college) and enjoy traveling and hanging out together at Disneyland (my favorite ride is the Cars ride at California Adventure).