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I’m privileged to work as Chief Scientist for Connection Culture Group, where we work with some of the world’s leading organizations.  We’re laser-focused on helping leaders elevate performance by increasing connection and employee engagement.




In today’s hyper-competitive environment, change and complexity are accelerating. Together they threaten to overwhelm many leaders and individual contributors. To achieve sustainable superior performance, leaders of organizations must intentionally create a workplace culture that helps people thrive and that inspires them to give their best efforts, share their knowledge and align their behavior with organizational goals. Few leaders do this well. In most organizations, two-thirds of employees are not engaged and performing near their potential, as Gallup research has clearly shown over the last decade.  

Leaders who develop and maintain a workplace culture infused with connection see a marked difference. Employees in a workplace with a high degree of connection are more productive, more engaged, more creative, better at making decisions, more collaborative and cooperative, and less likely to leave. They also benefit from experiencing greater wellness and wellbeing. 

During Connection Culture keynotes and workshops, I help your leaders learn how to develop a culture that boosts employee engagement, strategic alignment, productivity, innovation and overall organizational performance. Through case studies, relevant research and best practices, we equip your leaders to take your organization to a higher level of performance.


  • A practical vocabulary of culture in the context of the workplace
  • 3 types of workplace cultures
  • How our brain, nervous and endocrine systems work best in certain workplace cultures
  • 7 universal human needs to thrive at work
  • 5 distinct ways connection boosts the performance of organizations and provides a competitive advantage
  • How a Connection Culture strengthens an organization’s marketplace of ideas and fuels innovation
  • How a Connection Culture advances diversity and inclusion
  • How a Connection Culture protects an organization’s reputation and brand value
  • The simple, memorable, and actionable 3V Leadership Model
  • Best practices to create and maintain a Connection Culture.




Most leaders today recognize that their greatest competitive advantage is their people, yet talent practices are outdated. In fact, 87% of workers globally aren’t motivated to give their best at work. We’re experiencing a motivation crisis.

 Typical management practices emphasize extrinsic motivation, a one-size-fits-all model, and a traditional approach to job roles.  Carrots and sticks no longer work in the new knowledge economy.

 In today’s hyper-competitive, rapidly changing environment, how do companies attract the right talent and motivate their people to make their greatest contribution in order to remain competitive? It’s time for a new approach.

 Our team has pioneered the science of core motivations, which are intrinsic (rewarding in themselves), but drill down to what uniquely motivates each person. Our scientifically validated assessment (MCORE) and process are unique in starting with people’s success stories, and identifying their why. Understanding your people’s core motivations will help you build high-performance teams in which talented employees flourish and make their greatest contribution.

Leaders who activate core motivations have a competitive advantage. Motivated employees are more engaged, creative, and fulfilled in their work. Teams that engage around complimentary motivations are more innovative and collaborative.   

During Motivation at Work keynotes and workshops, I help your team develop a culture in which everyone understands and activates their unique motivations. Through case studies, relevant research and best practices, we equip you to strengthen every employee’s motivation and sustain high performance.


  • Why (core) motivation is your competitive advantage
  • The power of achievement stories
  • 3 types of motivation
  • The nature of core motivation
  • The 27 Motivational Themes and 6 Identities
    Motivational Energy: How to leverage your core motivations
  • Job Crafting: How to move toward the work you love
  • Team Crafting: How to use core motivations to build a cohesive team
  • Flow: How to make your greatest contribution
  • Best practices for managing to motivation

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"Dr. Hall led an ExecuNet Master Class titled 'How to Beat Work Stress and Elevate Employee Engagement.' Todd's teaching style, credibility, and practical advice made a meaningful and lasting impact on the audience of mostly senior-level executives. I would welcome him back for an encore anytime."

Tony Vlahos

Chief Marketing + Education Office, ExecuNet


In my consulting work with Connection Culture Group, we’re laser-focused on helping leaders elevate performance by increasing connection and employee engagement.  

Using research, easy-to-remember frameworks, case studies and stories of great leaders who engaged people, we help leaders understand the competitive advantage of a Connection Culture.  We coach leaders to implement best practices to create a shared identity, empathy and understanding, and track progress every step of the way.  

My consulting work focuses on three areas.  I coach leaders, helping them to leverage their core motivations and develop their relational expertise so they can facilitate a culture of connection.  I work with teams to align people’s core motivations with organizational goals and to develop strong relationships that fuel collaboration around those goals.  In addition, I help leaders implement research-based assessment tools to provide organizations with actionable knowledge that translates into improved performance.   

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