The Pain and Promise of Transitions: 7 Reflections on Growing in the Midst of Change

Todd Hall
Personal Development
August 19, 2015

This week, I posted over at Here's a peek; click through to check out my 7 reflections on how to grow in the midst of change! 

Transitions are part of life. We experience transitions in our personal lives and organizations experience transitions. Transitions bring with them vulnerability. An unsettledness. Things are not what they used to be. And the future is uncertain. We don’t like transitions for the most part. They bring pain and often loss. But they also bring the promise of something new. Transitions are front and center for me right now. A little over a year ago, my wife went through treatment for breast cancer (you can read about what I learned through this here). At the same time, a long-term client was dying of cancer. She died rather suddenly last spring. Now my oldest son will head off to college next week. My world has changed in recent years and is in the midst of changing yet again. I am trying to find the “new normal.” Maybe you’re going through some transitions of your own. A new job. A new manager. A key person in the company left. The loss of a loved one. Whatever the transition is, it’s probably brought with it a sense of vulnerability and uncertainty. So, how do you move through a transition and stay connected to yourself, your loved ones and your team? How do you help your organization maintain, and even strengthen a culture of connection during a transition? Click here to read 7 reflections to help you stay connected and grow through transitions. I share this as a fellow traveler on this journey. 

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